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私は嵐を満たすうれしい。 ♥

Arashi makes my life meaningful =]

Camz =)

In real life....

Name:Camz (My nickname:)
Ethnicity: Filipino
Place: Laguna, Philippines
Hobby: Photo editing, Fangirling, Listening to music esp. Arashi songs
My Obsession...
My one and only favorite JE group: [Arashi]

My other blogs/accounts:

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My impressions about each member:

Ohno Satoshi
He's my favorite Riida ever. His talent is really amazing. I love his hobbies. (I hope I can go fishing with him, too. =3) I am really used to his blank-face-and-speechless attitude. XD

Matsumoto Jun
My "Perfect" Guy of Arashi. XD The Concert King~ :) I love his DoS-Kind combination attitude type. You may be scared of him at first but he is a real gentleman. ^_^ I love his sense of fashion style~

Kazunari Ninomiya
The "Youngest" member of Arashi (if based on the looks XD). The magician and really addicted to games. He's the best actor for me. I love how he shows affection and love to our Ohchan. ^_^

Sho Sakurai
The mature but dorky type one. You may see him serious as a news caster but a really really funny guy when he is with his co Arashi members. He is sometimes the DoM of Arashi if it's not Ohno. XD

Aiba Masaki

The cheerful but emotional type one. He is really genki and loves animals so much! But when it comes to serious times, he is the one who cries fast.